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Acupressure and Reflexology

The sense of touch is very important to us, and we use it instinctively to calm and to alleviate hurt in others, from soothing a crying infant to comforting a friend who has suffered physical or emotional pain. The therapy of Acupressure and Reflexology is an extension of these natural gestures. Healing by touch is as old as humanity itself, and pressure of massage (shich comes from an Arabic word meaning to "touch" or "palpate") has historically been used as a restorative to health and strength.

There are many different touch or massage therapies, but they are all based on the common principle that for good health, the body's interdependent processes need to be kept in a state of correct balance and flow. When that flow is impeded, a condition of "stagnation" occurs and a particular area then becomes more and more out of balance. Stimulation to the nervous system by touch is believed to restore the natural state of balance.

All about Massage

Massage is probably one of the most popular forms of health activity today. It is used in relaxation groups and workshops, in leisure centers, and as a form of natural therapy for injury and the wear and tear of daily life. Whether performed by a trained professional or a gifted amateur, it offers the experience of touch, movement, and energy, qualities that are associated with the well-being of the whole person, and the act of giving massage has deep significance for both the giver and the receiver. The physical and psychological benefits of massage have been recognized and valued since ancient times. Working within their limited concepts of body-function, early physicians were able to use massage very effectively in the treatment of fatigue, illness, and injury. Massage has remained an important element of healthcare since then.

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